Friday, January 15, 2010

Silicon Valley Meetups and Startups

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Highlights of January Meetups (that we did not have the time to attend):

Co-founders wanted January meetup

High Note,
Customized Concerts
Contact; Chongkee at
Looking for: Expert ROR developer, Equity only

Contact: Aaron Tait
Seeking equity compensated founders and investors
personalized broadband TV
Contact: sethc at

Bright Lights
Headlight restoration

Sexy Enterprise XRM
Contact: Sudhir at (Sudhir Kshirsagar)
Looking for Equity-based Partner(s)
Money, Brains, Personality, Coffee-powered, FT/Pt (Significant)

Contact: Sabir Ibrahim
online language learning community

No name company
Contact: mattt314
new communication medium
3 founders developing the prototype
looking for full time engineer founder; equal equity split

- a lovechild of eBay and Facebook
plan to IPO in 2012 or 2013
looking for co-founder/China Operations

- that is to Expedia/Orbitz as Generics are to name Brand Drugs
Looking for people who want to disrupt travel space

Healthy Home and Office Experts
Rapidly Growing List of Contacts across networks
wanted Lead Architect/Engineer Cash/Equity Package
winston Choe

(See also November minutes of co-founders wanted group).

The SiliconValley NewTech Meetup Group [SVNewTech] featured the following presenters:
* - iphone app suggestion service that actually works. It's like Netflix for apps on your phone. [David Li]
* - Data Collection on the iphone, that is super easy to build and use. Some customers include Hershey Chocolates, Comcast, and a number of Universities. [Chris Reichart]
* - Will be launching a new mobile payments service [Aaron G. & Michael Anderson]
* Expert Talk Series - Putting a Term Sheet together. [Brad Rock, Partner DLA]

Also, check out this SlideShare Presentation from the Semantics in Financial Services meetup organized by Peter Berger and Silicon Valley Semantic Technology Group.
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