Monday, April 1, 2019

Technologies you wish existed: April 1 2019

Science fiction stories and April fool jokes often describe speculative technology we wish existed in our world. Were there such devices in today's fake news announcements?

April 1st stories of 2019 were feebler than in previous years, focusing on gaming, pets and various small conveniences...

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

MEBO and PATM microbiomes

Preliminary microbiome results showed striking differences between those with active MEBO/PATM compared to those who learned to control the condition. PATM is characterized by especially low microbial diversity and instability:

In order to understand what microbial changes help to regain control of MEBO and PATM, we need to collect multiple samples from the same individuals - in their most different conditions. Those with active state, are asked to collect their first sample when they are experiencing symptoms, submit the questionnaire and follow our recommendations to minimize their symptoms. Those in remission, will start from one of their best days and wait until symptoms reoccur.
In this figure, we show how preliminary uBiome data donated by MEBO and PATM sufferers (red dots) compare to each other and to microbiomes of healthy controls (green dots).

Stay tuned for further updates!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Preparing to launch our new microbiome study

We are starting pre-screening our candidates to find qualified participants, based on prior test results and ability to accurately report information.
Participants will be asked to submit their samples to uBiome on as different days in terms of their well-being/mood/symptoms as possible. They will be asked to submit their first sample if they felt they had one, two or three days in a row that were different from average. They will be asked to submit responses to our questionnaire about those days. 
We will privately follow up with suggestions to improve their wellbeing.

Our new Life-quality Test questionnaire will provide a measure for severity of Metabolic Breath and Body Odor and PATM symptoms.

Here is the first version and we welcome all suggestions and ideas the community may have.
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