Thursday, April 8, 2010

M-health, or who will take care of me?

What is the real way to reform Health? asks Eric Wahlgren from DailyFinance, and answers 'Wireless Technology'. The coming convergence of wireless communications, social networking and medicine will transform health care agrees The Economist.

Wireless health (also called mobile health, e-health, m-health or telemedicine) will enable your body parts to make phone calls, your shoes or carpet to consult your doctor , your bed to measure your blood sugar and your phone itself to decide on whether your mental health is deteriorating - based on how quickly you answer the phone and recognize the caller.

No more lies on how much you ate or when you took your last pill. If your heart and other organs are not yet monitored by smart devices, your doctor will listen to your lungs over the phone or check how your knees are doing in 3D.

We are shifting to digital medical era starting from the relatively modest devices to keep you healthy and fit, evolving teletracking, technology, M-health sensors, Telemedicine tools and gadgets, Health 2.0 software tools, and algorithms for health data mining.

There is far more than a list of 101 things to do with a mobile phone in healthcare first compiled a year ago - including simple SMS messaging and GPS-based applications such as Medication Reminders (SMS) and Allergy Alert Service For Asthmatics (SMS and GPS), management of Chronic conditions such as Diabetes, hospital based RFID and the use of technologies such as Bluetooth and ZigBee in health and fitness monitoring.

It's time to take health care off the mainframe says Intel's Eric Dishman in his talk on
behavioral markers, vital sign monitoring and aging care delivery:

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