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Evaluation Beginning!

The FAS Learning Technologies Program seeks to demonstrate that the learning tool Immune Attack helps students learn concepts in cellular biology and immunology. Teachers of 7th-12th grade students, of any subject, are invited to participate.

Our protocol requires two 40-minute class periods for playing Immune Attack, a PC for each student with internet connection, and a third day on which students are required to take a 20 minute online survey. .

Register here to participate in the evaluation. The whole protocol and the link for the detailed survey will be mailed to you after you register. You may also request a CD (no cost) for use in your classroom, so you won't need to download the file.

If you have any questions, please contact me by replying to this email.


Melanie Stegman

Project Manager FAS Learning Technologies

Beta Testers Needed

Sign Up now to register yourself, and give this link to your students to let them register to be Beta Testers for ImmuneAttack 2.0

register here to be a beta tester!

Here is a Sneak Preview of our new interface.....

For more information about Immune Attack, its use in classrooms and what it presents, please see our website,

QuickStartGuide to playing Immune Attack efficiently in your classroom

Immune Attack: One page project summary

FAS, Learning Technologies:
One Page Summary

News link
Forum link

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