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Dietary Supplements

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Over 50% of people around the globe take supplements, as seen from the polls below. This map (click for interactive version) shows results of a bodybuilding supplements poll:

Snapshots of these open polls (4 open polls, click on the image or a hyperlink to participate or see most recent results), show that most people take vitamins but most of those taking herbal supplements feel so-so about them as they did not observe 'amazing results'.

  • Omega-3’s up the optimism
  • Vitamin D: Sunshine in a bottle
  • Vegan chocolate cheesecake

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Which healthy supplements do you live by?
Created on May 1, 2009 by John Gamble

Healthy Fats (Olive Oil, Omega-3...)
Green foods (Chlorella...)
Wheat Grass
Juice Blends (Acai, Noni...)
Tea (Yerba Mate, Green...)
Other (Vitamins...)

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US Nutritional Supplements Market is Set to Top $6 Billion by 2011, according to 2006 estimations. In 2007, Americans spent around $20 billion on herbal supplements. By the year 2006, the UK supplement market was valued at $827 million. By 2011, its expected to be worth $868 million. The global nutraceuticals industry sales are forecast to touch $187 billion by 2010, owing to increasing sales in the U.S. and the European Union (EU), as also within the emerging markets like China and India. The estimated prevalence of dietary-supplement use among US adults was 73% in 2002. Nearly four in ten Americans have used herbal supplements such as Echinacea, St. John's Wort, Saw Palmetto and others to try to help a medical problem or as part of their regular diet. Interestingly, unlike the most current results, in 2006 and 2007 most who have tried supplements thought they were are effective, according to CBS News polls, shown below.

Have You Taken Herbal Supplements





There are also regional differences: Americans who live in the West (44 percent) and East (42 percent) are more likely to have tried supplements than those in the south (36 percent) or Midwest (32 percent).

Do You Think Herbal Supplements Are Generally Helpful?
(All respondents)


Most women and men who have tried supplements think they are generally effective.

Most Americans -55 percent - say they have heard at least something about herbal supplements – and women are more likely than men to have heard a lot. Most men say they've heard little or nothing.

How Much Have You Heard About Herbal Supplements?
(All respondents)

A lot
Not much/Some

Younger people under 30 are the most likely to have not heard much about herbal supplements.

For detailed information on how CBS News conducts public opinion surveys, click here.

Interviews were conducted among 993 adults by telephone on January 13, 2007. The error due to sampling for results based on the entire sample could be plus or minus three percentage points.

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