Sunday, May 31, 2009

Building dynamic Web 3.0 databases

This world is too complex to be described by rigid tables. The 40-year old relational technology may be here to stay, but not to rule.

A few new data storage technologies are currently getting attention, in particular graph databases such as AllegroGraph and Neo4j that allow to “structure on the fly” by using a multi-relational graph data model.

Check this slide share presentation: Graph Databases and the Future of Large-Scale Knowledge Management, by Marko Rodriguez from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

See also this short video on key technology dimensions and a longer talk by
Franz' Jans Aasman demonstrating some capabilities of his AllegroGraph RDF graph database:
NYCSW GeoSpatial, Temporal Reasoning with AllegroGraph from Morton Swimmer on Vimeo.

More on Neo4j:
Neo4j -- graph databases presentation
View more Microsoft Word documents from emileifrem.

Aurametrix is an early phase company working on Web3.0 & Health 4.0 technologies
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