Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bay Area Startups Looking for Cofounders: March 2010

Starting a company can be a difficult experience. Working alone is hard and a lot less fun than working with co-founders. And even though two is said to be the right number, some data point to an increase in success rates with up to 4-5 co-founders. Co-founders wanted March meetup (organized by Alain Raynaud and Thad) featured startups dedicated to improving many aspects of our lives - from education to work productivity, transportation, energy and health.

Srini Reddy is developing online service for high school students. His startup is looking for a web application developer, senior architect, and senior product manager to join the founding team.

David Pollak is working on the next generation youtube and looking for the 4th co-founder, a web application developer

The audience gave their hearts out in applause for Beto Juarez' performance of Mariachi La Bamba. His vision is a Mariachi website similar to (see also Alain's post-presentation interview notes and the technical co-founder description). Beto can be reached as BetoIII at gmail and twitter.

Dave is working on
the application helping to discover iPhone apps. Looking for one more tech cofoudner to extend bootstrapping time. He can be reached as dli at apptizr. Twitter: @apptizr

@roxolar is generating leads for solar energy, the model is similar to lendingtree

Fred Gibson is looking for a business/marketing cofounder and a coder (Java, Lisp) - the startup is focusing on streamlining workflows based on Steve Blank's Customer Development process. Twitter: @gibsonf1

Navneet Dalal – with background in machine vision and learning, has an idea on gesture detection using cameras

Doug gave a brief presentation about this company supported by investments from google and facebook - they won Android Developer Challenge for building one of the top 10 mobile apps and yet are looking for more co-founders.

Ivan presented this early-stage bootstrap making carpooling more accessible form of transportation. Looking for a technical co-founder with 8-10 yrs of experience with web apps

Tristan Kromer presented MarketResearch Wiki, alternative to Gartner ways to deliver market research and technology insights. The startup needs one more developer/lean co-founder (in addition to 4 technical co-founders). Twitter: @startupSquare

Matt Howes tries to eat healthier and wants others to do the same. His startup - incorporated in September 2009 - allows members to set goals and track their progress, tapping into the $11 billion self-health market. It integrates with Facebook and Twitter (@risetribe)

"What if you could have powerful solutions at your fingertips that help you manage your health the way personal finance software manages your money?" asked Irene Gabashvili, who presented her vision for health management systems, including a product in development that focuses on relief for those suffering from digestive problems. Twitter: @Aurametrix

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